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Credentialling and Education

Diabetes educators are health care professionals who have expertise and experience in diabetes education and care. They assist people with and at risk of diabetes, their families and carers gain the information, knowledge, skills, motivation and confidence they need to manage their condition and make decisions about their care and treatment. Diabetes educators combine clinical care with providing diabetes specific information and knowledge, self-management education and support.

Diabetes educators assist people with diabetes to adapt to life with diabetes, set goals for implementing and adjusting self-management practices as their diabetes, life or circumstances changes. Diabetes Educators work in hospitals and community health, in Physician’s rooms and General Practitioners surgeries, and in their own private practice.

Credentialled Diabetes Educators (CDEs) have been recognised by the Australian Diabetes Educators Association for their specialist knowledge and professional development in the field of diabetes education and care.  To learn more, please go to the Credentialled Diabetes Educators page on this website.


ADEA Credentialling Appeal Process

ADEA members have the right to appeal decisions that are made by the ADEA credentialling committee in relation to mentoring, initial credentialling and the recredentialling process. An appeal is for CDEs to request that a previous decision by this committee is reviewed.