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National board of directors

The ADEA Board has 9 Directors 6 of whom are CDEs and 3 can be Independent Directors.

The Board elects three (3) Office Bearers – President, Vice-President and Finance Director – from among its Directors.  The President and other Office Bearers are elected at the Board meeting preceding the Annual General Meeting held during the ADEA-ADS Annual Scientific Meeting.

Board role descriptions


CDE Board Directors must have had a financial full membership of the Australian Diabetes Educators Association (ADEA) for a minimum of 12 months before being eligible for nomination. CDE Directors are elected by ADEA full members and Independent Directors are nominated and appointed by the Board. The position is honorary. The ADEA Constitution allows for 2 terms of three years and provides detail about how ADEA is governed.

Directors must meet the requirements of the Australian Securities and Investment Commission’s (ASIC’s) which includes not having been declared bankrupt.

Directors are accountable to the President and ultimately to the membership. They are responsible for the determining the strategic and policy direction of the ADEA.


Directors accept the legal and financial obligations for the governance of all aspects of operation of the ADEA, including:

The ADEA encourages all its members to learn more about ADEA governance by referring to the ADEA Constitution, By-laws and watching the governance video on the ADEA YouTube channel.



bfentonBrett Fenton – President

Brett has been a Diabetes educator for 12 years, initially working at Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute before moving to Central Coast Local Health District 3 years ago. He has held management roles at both organisations and has experience coordinating local, state and national projects.

Brett has a Bachelor in Nursing and Graduate Certificate in Diabetes Education. He has mentored a number of ADEA members to help them achieve their goal of becoming a Credentialled Diabetes Educator and has presented poster and oral presentations nationally and internationally.  For the past 13 years, Brett participated in camps for children with diabetes in Victoria and has provided advice and clinical expertise for university and pharmaceutical company advisory committees in Victoria and NSW.

Brett is honoured to have the opportunity to represent NSW on the ADEA Board and is committed to continuing to promote the role of the Credentialled Diabetes Educator and provide a close link between the ADEA membership and the ADEA board.



Nicole Frayne – Vice Presidentnfrayne

Nicole completed her Bachelor of Pharmacy in 1996 at Curtin University WA. Her pharmacy experience includes hospital and community pharmacy and roles in teaching. To continue to provide and expand patient care with a focus on Quality Use of medicines further study was required and Nicole gained accreditation with the Australian Association of Consultant Pharmacy. This experience was valuable when working for the National Prescribing Service providing educational visits to general practitioners and allied health.

Nicole is currently employed at GP down south providing a diabetes service within general practice. Nicole became a credentialed diabetes educator- enabling expansion of the service at GP down south and also including providing private practice. The experience and knowledge gained as a diabetes educator has been invaluable in the HMR (Home Medicine Reviews) and RMMRs (Residential Medication Management Reviews) that Nicole provides as a consultant pharmacist.


Heike Krausse – Finance Directorhkrausse

Heike Krausse RN-CDE Grad Cert Diabetes Education. Grad dip. Professional Nursing

Heike has over 29 years of experience as a Registered Comprehensive Nurse (NZ) employed predominantly in tertiary level healthcare organisations. Her working experience includes medical, rehabilitation, psychiatric and community nursing.

Since 1999 she has worked in NSW and QLD as a Credentialled Diabetes Educator (CDE) Heike is currently the Clinical Nurse Consultant with credentialled clinical privilege at the Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital Metro North Hospital & Health Services District QLD.

Her particular interest is in the self-management, education and support of those with Type 1 Diabetes and other specific types such as Diabetes post pancreatic disease along with the psychological determinants of mental health and self-care resilience.

Since the commencement of her post graduate qualifications she has been involved with ADEA at state and national levels with the determined belief that CDEs are the leaders and advocates for best practice and research in Diabetes education and care.

Heike chaired the Branch conference manual working group and the 2015 Constitutional review. She has completed an initial 3 year term as a Director on the board of ADEA and currently holds the position of Finance Officer and chairs the Finance and Risk Management committee.


Libby Bancroft

Libby is a Credentialled Diabetes Educator and Endorsed Nurse Practitioner.  She has worked as a Diabetes Educator since 1999, first in Geelong, Victoria and since 2001 for the ACT Health Diabetes Service.

Libby is passionate about working with people with diabetes and assisting them to gain tools and develop goals and plans for diabetes self-management.  Libby has a particular interest in type 1 diabetes and the psychosocial issues with adjustment to diagnosis and in the use of technology to assist with self-management.  Libby also has an interest in research and has been fortunate to present oral and poster presentations at ADEA/ADS National Conference.

Libby is a member of the ACT Clinical Council, a core mulitdisciplinary group looking at the  health care of consumers across the continuum from Primary Care, Community Care and the Tertiary health sectors and how it can be improved

She works with adults of all ages including adolescents and young people transitioning to adult care.

Becoming a board member has enabled Libby to see and be involved in the bigger picture of diabetes care and management at a national policy level.


sbrettSteven Brett – Independent Director

Steven Brett BMan(App), FAIM, MCSIA, MAICD, NSWJA, JP

Steven is a Customer Experience Executive, Entrepreneur and Business Management Consultant, founder of Manage Smart, blogger on leadership and productivity, member, assessor and contributor to the Customer Service Institute of Australia and fellow of the Australian Institute of Management. With extensive experience in business management gained in property, health, financial services, construction, software and other service businesses both large and small over the past 20 years, Steven offers his sales and marketing, operational management and customer experience skills through his consulting firm.

Steven is passionate about improving customer outcomes through alignment with strategic business goals and he shows his clients (medium to large businesses) how to achieve this through increased customer intimacy in a multi-channel customer service environment. Additionally, Steven works with business owners, CEOs and executive leadership teams in their personal leadership development.

Steven has been an Australian Service Excellence Awards winner in the categories, Best Customer Charter – National 2014, Best Small Business – National 2011 and Best Small Business – NSW 2011, 2013. His commitment to customer experience excellence led to his appointment to the judging panel from 2014 and his appointment as an assessor and consultant to the International Customer Service Standard in 2015.


Derek Finch

Derek is one of Australia’s leading contact centre specialists. He has over 22 years’ experience in setting up or re-engineering centres across Government, Not for Profit and Corporate both as a direct manager and as a consultant. Prior to this career, Derek was a senior local govt officer in the UK specializing in social housing and was deputy chair of housing association.

An experienced change manager Derek is also a national and international contact centre awards judge as a conference speaker. He has been an active member of the industry peak body Auscontact and was elected National Director for 6 years and served 2 of these as national chair. In 2015 he was awarded Life membership for his contribution to the Association and the contact Centre Industry.





 Jessica Miller – Independent Director

Jessica Miller is the Senior Legal Counsel and Government Relations Ambassador (ANZ) for the Procter & Gamble Company (P&G) and is based in Sydney, Australia.

Jessica graduated from the University of Technology, Sydney with a Bachelor of Laws (First Class Honours) and a Bachelor of Business (Accounting). Jessica went on to do postgraduate study and completed a Master of Laws at the University of Sydney.

Jessica started her career at Blake Dawson (now Ashurst), based in the Corporate (mergers and acquisitions) team in Sydney. She worked predominantly on corporate transactions and advisory work for clients in the healthcare sector, as well as acted for various state-owned Chinese enterprises investing in Australian mining joint ventures and food and beverage companies. In 2011, she left private legal practice to take a position in Sydney as the in-house legal counsel for Medtronic, the world’s largest manufacturer of medical devices. In this role, Jessica acted as the company secretary and privacy officer and supported the General Counsel in the provision of legal advice to the Australian and New Zealand businesses. During the General Counsel’s maternity leave, Jessica was the acting General Counsel and legal representative on the organisation’s Executive Leadership Team.

In May 2015, Jessica joined P&G as the head of the legal function in Australia and New Zealand, and Government Relations Ambassador. Jessica sits on the Australian Leadership Team and is a company director of the four legal entities that remain in the P&G group. In this capacity, she is working directly with senior P&G executives in the provision of legal advice and risk management for the business.


 ttellamTracey Tellam

Tracey is the Clinical Nurse Consultant at the Ipswich Diabetes service and has a strong focus on service delivery, the ongoing education of diabetes educators, mentoring and growing of new diabetes educators and to ensure that people with diabetes receive the right care, in the right place and in the right timeframe.

Tracey also sits on the steering committee member of the State-wide Diabetes Clinical Network in Queensland for the past eight years. This network is responsible for many excellent clinical improvements that have improved the care for people with diabetes across Queensland.



Ann Bush

Term commences in August 2018

Ann brought with her over 20 years of experience as a RN CDE working in metropolitan acute care, rural community health and more recently in private practice. She has been a member of the ADEA-VIC Branch Executive team for 6 years and is currently on her 4th year as theBranch Chair. She has also been a member of the ADEA-VIC Branch Conference Organising Committee. Recently she represented ADEA as a member of a health advisory panel working with the Victorian Department of Education and Training.

Over the years, Ann has developed skills in leadership, planning, problem-solving, teamwork and communication. Ann has learnt to be a critical thinker, ask the hard questions or have a “difficult” conversation respectfully.

Ann is passionate about diabetes education as a profession and the future of the ADEA. Members need to be assured ADEA is working inclusively for all members and is focused on ensuring that the role of the CDE is associated with the provision of evidence-based best practice in diabetes care. As a professional organisation, ADEA needs to have a strong presence in a fast-changing world of health care funding. It is vital we lobby effectively for better funding for diabetes services, in particular, expanded Medicare rebates for Type 1, Type 2 and GDM. We have the evidence to support the value of the CDE and we need to use this proactively to ensure diabetes education and the CDE is at the forefront of the policymakers’ decisions. Private Practice is an area of employment growth for CDEs, as such ADEA needs to understand the role of the private practitioner and develop strategies to support and ensure private practice is a sustainable employment option. Ann’s experience in running a private practice will be beneficial in this process.

Helen Phelan

Term commences in August 2018

I have a healthy respect for what the ADEA has achieved over the past 30 plus years. As an ADEA member for close to 20 years, Helen has had the opportunity to work with many inspiring, thoughtful and professional people and I have always felt supported by these colleagues when undertaking new activities as a representative of the ADEA. She has held roles including the ADEA-NSW Chair, member of the Credentialing Committee, ADEA-NSW Conference Organising Committee, Project Officer on the ADEA Mentoring Program Pilot Project, and more recently as a reviewer of the ADEA Diabetes Research Foundation. As a paediatric nurse, clinical nurse consultant and Credentialled Diabetes Educator, Helen has held positions at a number of Tertiary Referral Hospitals and Diabetes Australia-NSW. More recently, she has held project management positions working to develop the NHMRC Evidence-Based Guidelines for Type 1 Diabetes and the Australasian Diabetes Data Network. She has been awarded a Master of Public Health and is currently enrolled in the PhD program at the University of Sydney. At this stage in her career, Helen has developed a unique skill set. She is a great communicator who has a real feel for the opportunities and challenges for diabetes education. She is passionate about the Credentialled Diabetes Educator role and is honoured to have the opportunity to contribute to the direction of ADEA as the new board director.