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ADEA Fellowship

ADEA has been making efforts to increase the value and recognition of CDEs, in line with the Strategic Plan, and having a Fellowship program that provides external recognition for expertise and contribution, through the use of post-nominals would align with the current and new strategic plans.

A new membership category of Fellowship was discussed at the May 2016 board meeting and it was agreed at that meeting that the newly established governance sub-committee consider some of the issues that emerged from the discussion.

This review of ADEA membership awards is an opportunity for ADEA to review its awards, identify a rigorous structure, elevate the significance of the awards and institute appropriate recognition.  Currently a gap exists in recognising long term members with extensive experience, who may not have mechanisms that identify their achievements.  A new Fellowship category of membership would be voluntary and provide recognition that is both individually and externally focused.


The ADEA Constitution states:

The ADEA Constitution in clause 5.1.1 (d) allows …such other categories or sub-classes of membership as the Board may determine from time to time and as set out in the By-laws of the Association.

The ADEA By-Laws state:

The ADEA By-law 6 clause 1.3 identifies Fellows as a category of full membership, …in recognition of long service rendered to the Association, the Board may approve the conferring of the title Fellow.

At the board meeting in November 2016, it was agreed to introduce the new membership and the following requirements for the application have been set.

Members eligible to apply for ADEA Fellowship:

The ongoing recognition as a Fellow of ADEA will be dependent on the maintenance of the individual’s CDE status.

Fellowship benefits include:

The Fellowship membership category will be introduced in February 2017. ADEA National Office will advise members of the process once it has been finalised.