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Intermittent supply interruptions for Medtronic sensors

The following advice has been received from Medtronic:

Increased utilisation of Medtronic CGM sensors at a higher than expected rate is resulting in supply pressures for this product.  We are working hard to increase production capacity to meet the demands of our global community and taking steps to minimise the impact on existing patients.

 With respect to Australia, we will be able to supply sensors.  However, there may be intermittent delays for the next  few months for new patients starting on the therapy and we apologise for this inconvenience.  For patients receiving or initiating sensor therapy through the Federal Government CGM Subsidy Initiative, steps have been put in place to ensure continuity of supply.

Diabetes Australia will  communicate to NDSS managers and the National Helpline. It will also be communicated to the Pharmacy Guild of Australia and a message will be placed on NDSS Connect.