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Thought Leadership Lecture Series

Emotion, behaviour and applied psychology in diabetes education

Speaker: Dr William H. Polonsky, PhD, CDE

William-PolonskyAssociate Clinical Professor, University of California, San Diego
President and Founder of the Behavioral Diabetes Institute (USA)

The psychological side of diabetes

What healthcare professionals need to know

An overview of the many psychosocial obstacles to managing diabetes effectively that patients face, followed by practical suggestions for how busy health providers can help their patents to address and overcome these critical barriers and thereby promote more successful self-management.

Understanding depression and diabetes burnout

Though frequently contributing to poor metabolic control, critical emotional issues such as depression and diabetes burnout have often been underappreciated, ignored, mislabeled and/or inappropriately addressed in clinical care. This presentation will re-examine this large body of data and propose a new way to understand these two phenomena, concluding with several key strategies for identifying and addressing these important issues.

Engaging the disengaged

Behavioural strategies for promoting successful diabetes self-management

How do we reach those patients who seem unreachable or who just don’t seem to care? This presentation will review our new understanding of motivation in diabetes and illustrate how the proper framing of diabetes messages and more appropriate ways of sharing personalized metabolic data can overcome the shame, hopelessness and discouragement that so many our patients feel.


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