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ADEA-SA Branch Seminar




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Saturday 28 April 2018


8.30-9.00am – Registration


9.00-9.10am – Welcome and Housekeeping  Rachel Woods, Chair ADEA-SA Continuing Education Committee
9.10-10.00am – What is Going On in Those Eyes?

The complications of diabetes are often hidden, and this is particularly true of diabetic eye disease.  It is difficult to determine the presence and severity of eye disease within someone you are providing care to.  This presentation will introduce how diabetes impacts the eye from the cornea to the retina, how these changes are experienced, and what can be done about them.  This presentation will give you some tips on what to look out for and how to help your clients keep their eyes as healthy as they can.

Presentation Here

Ben Hamlyn, Optometrist, Flinders University
10.00-10.50am – Diabetes and Cardiovascular Health

Cardiovascular disease is the most common cause of death in people with diabetes mellitus. Yet, many still do not adhere to lifestyle and therapeutic recommendations to reduce this cardiovascular risk. From both a primary and secondary prevention standpoint, this talk will review the current evidence and how we, as health care professionals, can better implement this evidence-base.

Associate Professor Matthew Worthley, Cardiologist, The University of Adelaide
10.50am-11.10am – Morning Tea
11.10am-12.00pm – Current Treatment Options for People with Chronic Kidney Disease

This presentation will focus on dialysis and transplant options including the new whole pancreas program at Adelaide Hospital.

Toni Radford, Islet & Kidney Transplant Coordinator, Royal Adelaide Hospital
12.00-12.30pm – ADEA-SA Branch Meeting Branch Executive
12.30-12.45pm – Update from National Office Dr Joanne Ramadge, CEO
12.45-1.30pm – Lunch
1.30-2.20pm – Diabetes and Foot Care

Patients with diabetes present diagnostic and treatment challenges for their Podiatrists. The combination of arterial calcification, peripheral arterial disease and peripheral neuropathy in this patient group impact the quality and accuracy of standard testing such as pedal pulse palpation and ankle brachial indices. The treatment and management of Diabetes related foot disease is an ever evolving area; with significant advancement in the testing and management of lower limb arterial insufficiencies within this patient group.

Treatment of tissue loss in this patient cohort has seen rapid advancements over the last 5 years. The ability to treat smaller tibial and targeted pedal vessels in line with the Angiosome concept has progressed direct revascularisation options to improve patient outcomes and limb salvage.

Presentation Here

Ereena Torpey, Podiatrist, Flinders Medical Centre
2.20-3.20pm – Flash Glucose Monitoring Workshop sponsored by Abbott Diabetes Care

The purpose of this workshop is to give Diabetes Educators the experience of wearing a Flash Glucose Monitoring System to help in understanding this technology. Along with wearing the sensor for up to 14 days, the practical workshop will include how to set up the reader and apply the sensor as well as how to get the best use from the data by the Ambulatory Glucose Profile reports (AGP). The sessions will be held with the support of a Credentialled Diabetes Educator with experience with Flash Glucose Monitors who will share their story.

3.20-3.30pm – Wrap Up and Evaluation
3.30pm – Close

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   Mr Ben Hamlyn B. Optom (Hons), GradCertOcTher. Mr Hamlyn studied his undergraduate optometry degree in Queensland and attained therapeutic endorsement through the University of New South Wales. Ben has spent much of his professional life working in regional and remote locations across the Northern Territory and South Australia.  He has also provided eye care and education overseas.  In this time he has worked with the Fred Hollows Foundation, Brien Holden Vision Institute, and Papua New Guinea Eyecare. He is passionate about ensuring quality eye care is available to all. Ben was first appointed to the board of Optometry South Australia in 2011 and the Australian College of Optometry in 2016.  Ben has been a lecturer at Flinders University since 2014 coordinates diabetic eye disease education for the Optometry Course.  He is passionate about an efficient healthcare system where the skills of all health professionals are used appropriately for the best outcomes of patients.
   Associate Proessor Matthew Worthley. Matthew’s cardiology training occurred in Adelaide. He completed his PhD at the University of Adelaide on the topic of diabetes and cardiovascular disease and then completed his post-doc and interventional training in Canada. He currently holds an A/Prof title at the University of Adelaide and is an Interventional Cardiologist at the Royal Adelaide Hospital. He supervises PhD students in his primary research interest in the area of vascular dynamic function, particularly invasive studies in human coronary arteries.
   Toni Radford is the Islet & Kidney Transplant Coordinator, Royal Adelaide Hospital.
   Ereena Torpey is a Senior Podiatrist with 10 years’ experience working with patients who are at risk of lower limb loss in South Australia and Tasmania. She is passionate about achieving good clinical outcomes for patients and improved quality of life. She is actively involved in raising the profile of Podiatrists in the management of patients with active foot problems secondary to diabetes, peripheral neuropathy and peripheral arterial pathologies. She works closely with the Vascular and Rehab teams at FMC to provide a holistic, Multi-Disciplinary approach to patient care.

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