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CDEs well placed to assist GPs as part of Turnbull’s ‘Health Care Homes’ package

The Australian Diabetes Educators Association (ADEA) congratulates the Turnbull Government on the proposed ‘Health Care Homes’ model that provides tailored health services to people with chronic diseases and complex conditions.

The new trial program would provide better treatment plans for people with chronic illnesses, particularly people with diabetes.

Current practice and incentive payment programs are not being accessed regularly to support primary diabetes care, particularly for those with diabetes. The National Health Survey estimated that less than a quarter of people diagnosed with diabetes had claims processed by GPs through the Practice Incentives Program (ABS 2012).

Tracy Aylen, President of ADEA says that, while ADEA would like to see more detail first, “ADEA is very supportive of this pilot. Significant benefits arise from people with diabetes accessing better GP coordinated care and from GPs working collaboratively with specialist Credentialled Diabetes Educators and the diabetes care team”.

Ms Aylen said ADEA looks forward to the release of more detail around the pilot timelines, consumer and health professional engagement and evaluation.

Credentialled Diabetes Educators are trained healthcare practitioners well equipped to assist GPs, providing a personalised approach to diabetes education and care, and who could assist the government in the implementation of this trial.

Statistics show that Australian healthcare cost savings in 2014 would have totalled $3.9 billion and thousands of lives would have improved if diabetes education programs were made available to all 1.37 million Australians with diabetes (Deloitte Access Economics 2014).

Credentialled Diabetes Educators are qualified to work with people with diabetes to assist them in with self-management, keeping them out-of-hospital and staying well every day.

ADEA encourages the Health Care Home implementation advisory group to consider the role of Credentialled Diabetes Educators in this model.


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