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VIC Branch

Branch Chair: Evelyn Boyce, RN, CDE

I am a registered nurse and credentialed diabetes educator with a degree in health promotion.  I have been working as a nurse and diabetes educator in the community for nearly 10 years now. I have worked as a hospital in the home nurse, a clinical nurse educator, a university lecturer, a practice nurse, a diabetes educator in community health and often volunteer with Diabetes Camps Victoria. I currently run my own diabetes private practice – Diabetes Specialists, providing diabetes education to people living with diabetes in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne, and regionally in Bairnsdale. I also work as a diabetes educator at the Royal Womens Hospital in the GDM clinic when needed. Last year I expanded my passion for diabetes into research, working on the oral health diabetes project, a collaborative project between North Richmond Community Health, the University of Melbourne, Latrobe and Deakin Universities looking at how feasible it is to identify early signs of gum disease (periodontitis) which is a risk factor for diabetes, in a General practice setting, and for oral health professionals to identify risks of diabetes in the Oral health setting. I am passionate about increasing knowledge and communication amongst diabetes educators, sharing our expertise and providing support for each other.  We have a huge role to play in increasing health literacy around diabetes and supporting people living with diabetes.

Branch Secretary: Helen Mahon


Branch Education Officer: Belinda Moore

I came about to be working in the field of diabetes in paediatrics and pregnancy after starting my nursing career in The Kimberley where every single day I was seeing sub optimal heath and wellbeing outcomes for children and women impacted by diabetes due to inequitable access to healthcare services. I walked away from The Kimberley determined to up skill in paediatric nursing, midwifery and diabetes education so that I could ensure women and children impacted by diabetes have the best access to education and care in hope of achieving the most optimal clinical outcomes for the mother, foetus, baby and child. I have taken this goal of improving clinical diabetes outcomes to wanting to find a cure for type one diabetes by preventing it. Currently I have the absolute privilege of working with pregnant women and their families in the JDRF funded ENDIA Study in hope of unlocking the environmental and genetic determinants to islet cell autoimmunity. In my spare time I invest my energy in building face to face peer support for women with type one diabetes seeking preconception, pregnancy and postnatal support around Australia because they juggle so much more than any other population living with type one diabetes…what these women try to balance every day between their diabetes management, raising children, maintaining a household and often working also is admirable although not easily achievable without support.



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