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CDE of the Year Award Program

Thank you for submitting your CDE of the Year Nominations!

Submissions are currently under review.

State level of nominations result will be announced in the third week of June.

The winner of the CDE of the year will be announced during Australian Diabetes Congress 2019 on 23 August 2019.


About CDE of The Year

Credentialled Diabetes Educators (CDEs) are Australia’s ‘go to’ qualified healthcare specialists for people with diabetes. They are healthcare practitioners qualified to provide a personalised approach to diabetes education and care. They work with other healthcare practitioners and provide services to people with diabetes, empowering and assisting them in dealing with daily self-management. Recognition as a CDE is an assurance to you that these healthcare practitioners will provide high-quality diabetes education and expert advice to help people with diabetes do the hard work of staying well every day.

The CDE of the Year award program is designed to recognise and honour outstanding achievement and contribution of CDEs in the provision of high-quality diabetes education and expert support for people living with diabetes. This award program is run by the Australian Diabetes Educators Association and financially supported by Eli Lilly.

Each state and territory will have a winner and from this group, a national winner will be selected to receive the prestigious ‘Jan Baldwin National CDE of the Year’ title. State winners will receive a $1,000 scholarship and the national winner will receive $5,000 scholarship and the opportunity to speak at the 2020 Australasian Diabetes Congress.

CDE of the Year Judging Panel

Nominations will be reviewed by the following members of the CDE of the Year Judging Panel:

Selection criteria

The Panel will give consideration to the following selection criteria when reviewing nominations:

Frequently asked questions

How can people with diabetes submit their nominations?

We accept nominations from people with diabetes and this year we use the same nomination template for both health professionals and people with diabetes.

The nomination form is available here

You can also download the sample here

Are there hard copy forms people with diabetes can complete? Or how do they access the online nomination process?

It would be best if all nomination forms are submitted via our template on SurveyMonkey so that we can manage them better.
People with diabetes can go to to submit their nominations
Alternatively, this URL is also available in the sample:

Do people with diabetes have access to the ADEA website?

ADEA website has public pages available for people with diabetes to access at
Information on CDE of the Year award program is available here:
And nomination form is available here:
All of these pages are publically available.

How do we alert people with diabetes to the nomination process?

It’s best if you can share information about the award program to your network of people with diabetes, peers and colleagues.
The best webpage is where they can find the process, nomination form and sample.